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IISc team in colloboration with JNCASR develops cheaper, faster methods of production of hydrogen gas,a clean eco-friendly fuel.

In a current world where countries are pushing for a cleaner and greener world, hydrogen gas has been one of the most sought after clean power sources for fuel cells, batteries, and zero-emission vehicles. Hydrogen gas is generated by splitting water using electricity in a process called electrolysis. The current state of art catalyst used to speed up the reaction this day used precious metals like ruthenium and platinum( ruthenium dioxide catalyst). However, these metals are rare and expensive. An IISC team led by Prabeer Barpanda, professor at IIsc in collaboration with researchers from Jawaharlal Nehru center for advanced scientific research(JNCASR) have developed a low cost, faster catalyst by combining cobalt oxide with phosphates of sodium. this catalyst is 200 times less expensive than the current catalyst, ruthenium dioxide catalyst.

1. Sodium cobalt Metaphosphate as an efficient oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline solution.